Tour of an Exclusive VERY Private Collection! Wow!

I had an opportunity to tour an exclusive collection of Americana unlike anything I have ever seen before… 

Not just cars but… the cars and motos are terrific!  How many of the 51 Tucker’s made do you think he owns?   Watch this…YouTube Preview Image


  1. Walt Schonauer says:

    Hey Harry,

    The way you talk on your video’s; I think you’re missing your true calling . To have your own show about car’s and go to various car collections and make comments !!You could be the new Barry McGuire !
    By the way it was nice hooking up with you at the auction . Have you been doing any ridding ? Can’t
    believe that you have never been to the top of Palamar Mountain and it’s almost in your back yard .
    There is a coffee shop on top that serves a good breakfast . Anyway , keep in touch .


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